A Gracious God

This last week has been hard. As in high stress bringing about tears, bad attitudes and just all in all feeling down. My poor husband didn’t know how to help me. My poor kids were worrying. I realized that while they knew Daddy didn’t have a job yet, that I never pointed out the many blessing we have had, that has helped us through the last month and 1/2 since the Ambulance closed it doors. I saw them, but for their little eyes, it was harder to see. I was failing in point them out.

A dear friend, and one of the people who has offered me tons of support and encouragement told me one day last week, ” I often noticed that job opportunities came J’s way just when I needed encouragement.God knows just what you need. He will provide.”  I have been thinking about that a lot, and decided we needed to get back to our normal schedule (everyone does better) and focus on what’s really important. Counting our Blessings. I have started to point out the blessings to the kids…. God is providing every thing we need…. We are not going hungry (not even close) ….we have a nice warm house, and wood to heat it with….. we have family and friends who are praying for us and our needs…we have extra work from the church…

Today I was able to sit them down and tell them one more. Daddy has a job offer. Aaron was scheduled to do part 2 of a 2 part interview at a local care facility this afternoon. This morning at about 9:30 he got a call from the head nurse. She let him know she had called his references, and based off those, and his experience there was no need for a second interview. They wanted to offer him the job. I can not tell you how huge of a relief this is. He has until Friday to give an answer. God has also answered another prayer. He has an interview for a job at the hospital on Thursday….it may work there, it may not, but either way, he has a job. How great and wonderful is our God!

Another chapter in our adventure. With God leading, every step of the way. What a comfort.



3 thoughts on “A Gracious God

  1. What a comfort it is when we “let go and let God.” It’s hard sometimes. We are human. I have to remind myself all the time of Jer. 29:11. So happy for Aaron and your family. What a huge relief!

  2. Oh, yes, been there done that! I can be a complete stress case when it comes to finances. God is merciful, isn’t he? He gives us SO MUCH to be thankful for. Congratulations to all of you for Aaron’s new job! Cheryl

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