Cute Kids and A Romantic Space

This last week we have been working on house projects while Aaron has some down time. We have endless projects to wrap up and now seems to be a good time to do those we already have the needed items to do. One of them was the loft area we made over the dinning room and kitchen. At first I envisioned putting the kids books and puffy pillows up there…but that changed to other ideas, and finally on Idea # 1234565434 we decided to move OUR bed up there. The floor space is about 13×13 but the ceiling is low, a hair over 5 feet. Since we are not known to jump on the bed, we though we would give it a go. I have tried to create a romantic getaway space for my man and my self. I LOVE it. Every time I go up there I smile, thinking about it makes me smile. It’s cozy, warm, inviting and just enough room for our bed, night stands and a small book shelf for a few things. The kids love it too, and I am keeping it a quite space. A relaxing space. A Space to just be. TO read,knit, rest and enjoy πŸ™‚


Enjoying our first real stick to the ground snow fall πŸ™‚


Sweet Sisters


Sir Boy


From the living room looking up. Dinning is to the right, kitchen to the left.


Andrew helping Daddy by handing tools. The small door goes into the storage part of the attic.


I am standing on the pull down stairs that are in the dinning room (the way up and down)


Yesterday I sat up there and watched London hospital and knitting on some socks for a friend. Peace.


Our sunset tonight was stunning. A Perfect FLORA sunset. PINK!



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