First Two Weeks

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Our First Art Lesson/Project. Sunflowers! πŸ™‚


Flora’s Sunflower.


Andrew’s sunflower. We are using free lessons from for our Monday Art lessons. πŸ™‚ We are loving them!

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FLora working hard. The kids LOVE school

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Andrew’s perfect letter of the week last week. πŸ™‚


Clara at the hall desk.


Reading out loud to Millie.

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The first day Aaron wore his scrubs the first things Flora said was” Daddy! You look kinda cute! ” *snicker*

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Wednesday of last week this little bit and her Mama (my sister) came for a visit. They headed home yesterday…and while the visit was too short it was wonderful!

1150219_10200642053510696_1236118641_n - Copy


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Some quite time with her boy.


I had a quite Sabbath home, time to visit with my sister more, and time to enjoy my thrifted tea cups and some spiritual tank filling.

As we are starting our third week of school, I though I would share some pictures of our first two weeks .Β  Aaron has started his last week of CNA class, and 4 days of t\it are clinical times. Lord Willing a job comes soon. Please be praying on those lines. I am so very proud of my man, who is so very highly thought of by his instructor and so far at the facilities he is doing his clinical times at. He truly enjoys helping people. Β 

We pretty well have out school week and daily schedule ironed out and things are going well. Our day looks something like this.

7am: everyone awake, breakfast, make beds and get dressed. Coffee.

7:45-8am: Morning chores. Kids feed critters, quick tidy make sure table is clear and ready. Mama put in laundry, starts dishwasher and gets school things out for the day.

9:30-10. We start school. Mama has another cup of coffee. We start with Bible. Reading, say our memory verse and then copy work. While they are working on copy work I turn on the kids Praise on Pandora and they work quietly.

10-10:30 Math and spelling for the girls. I work with Andrew on his Letter of the Week.

Noon: lunch and a break (play out side, in bedrooms, mama tidies lunch mess and gets on the computer for a bit and move laundry and my daily chore.).

1:30 or so: Reading and Extra for the Day. Monday is Art, Tuesday is History, Wed and Thurs are set aside for Geography and Friday we explore something for science. During Reading time Andrew is working on independent activities or watching an educational dvd/show. His school work does not take long at this point. He joins back in for the extra of the day.

3-3:30 we are usually done. Some times we take longer, if we have an extra activity that is taking longer etc. Violin Practice happens now.

4-5: Daddy is home and the kids show him what they have done while I work on dinner.

5:30 Dinner

Kids are in bed by 7:30 (we have very early risers. Clara will sleep the longest. Flora is ALWAYS up by 6am..if not a bit sooner. Since Aaron is getting up at 5am this week we are in bed by 9 as well.

Right now we are school lightly on Fridays. Just read books aloud, math, Bible and our extra. Right now this is working. We are getting enough work done. And in our state we done have to have a set amount of hours, which is a blessing.


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