On Change

You can ask my mom, for some reason, this lady right here doesn’t care for change all that much…until it happens, then I am all for adventure etc.

In our family a BIG change is taking place. Tomorrow morning at 4 am Aaron goes off call, and his job is done. He will no longer be an EMT for our small community. He tried to get hired on at the Fire Department (who is taking over all EMS calls) but God closed that door.

Tomorrow morning he will drive away from home and start the next chapter of his life. He will be training as a certified nursing assistant for the next three weeks, then apply for a job at the hospitals in our area. After that, we he will be getting as much schooling done as he can while working. His end goal: ER RN and a Flight Nurse. ( I am SO proud of my awesome man!)

As I was baking cookies and packing his lunch today I have been praying. Praying for wisdom, knowledge and for God to show me how to help support my man, and help the kids during this BIG time of change. All they have ever knows is this. This will change. And you know what. It’s ok. God provides, God opens doors that need to be open and shuts the ones that need shutting. God knows what will happen, and while it might not look like what we humans have pictured in our very limited minds…God knows! He tells us not to worry.

God will give me strength as I start our home school year tomorrow, I KNOW there will be days where schooling a K, 1st and 2nd grader will make me certifiable crazy. I KNOW there will be days that are long, hard and I will miss so very much the ability to say “Please take your math and ask Daddy for help”. But that’s ok. I know God is there, my heavenly Father who loves these children even more then I do. I also realize that Math, while important, is NOT more important then loving on these sweet things and doing my best to show them how much God loves and cares for us.

So, as for change,….bring it on. I am ready!



September Photo A Day

I am doing another month of taking an preassigned photo a day.  I find these to challage my “artsy” thinking when it comes to pictures…and I have been in a rut lately with taking pictures I just love 😉 So let the fun begin!

Here is a link: http://fatmumslim.com.au/september-photo-a-day-the-challenge-list-created-by-the-community/

Sept 1: Together

I just love this picture. No one, save for Lena (my sweet new niece), it sitting or smiling how they were asked to...but hey, they are kids! :) They were so happy to be meeting their littlest cousin.

I just love this picture. No one, save for Lena (my sweet new niece), is looking were they were asked to…but hey, they are kids! 🙂 They were so happy to be meeting their littlest cousin. They are so happy she is here. The girls LOVE babies, and were thrilled when we found out Lena was a girl, and Andrew is thrilled to NOT be the youngest any more. Until now, out of all the cousins (sister-in-laws and her husband have three kids)  he was the youngest.