Pip and Pocket

We have added two kittens to our house hold. We had two tom cats adopt us (Charlie and Copy Cat) but they were indoor/outdoor cats, and Charlie went missing and Copy Cat was made to be an outside cat only since he would NOT stop peeing inside. Copy Cat still comes around our place to eat a bit, but that is all. He would rather roam…he is a great mouser though, so I have no problem feeding him a bit. With having no cats inside or close to home, and since our little town is surrounded by farms we can get overran with mice. I hate mice. We love cats…so a simple solution was to get an inside cat or two.. So we found Pip and Pocket. They are about 12 weeks now…and a loads of fun  🙂 Here’s to hoping they are excellent mousers! 🙂


534016_10200338102112101_2054250327_n 562760_10200347469946291_633406874_n 999583_10200331032335361_1251202138_n 1001581_10200322909852304_252265098_n 1001858_10200169255371038_684592773_n 1098118_10200258717487535_1226357050_n 1185560_10200323236980482_537089138_n



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