Some Randomness….

My Sweets on a HOT day. Ready For church.

My Sweets on a HOT day. Ready For church.

Life has been both busy and slow for us this last little bit. Back in April we got news that Aaron may be needing to look for another job. It’s been a long few months, but we finally got a deffent answer. The company he is working for (Ambulance Association) and has been with for the last 7 years is going to be done (fire department is taking over EMS calls) starting Oct 1. So, Aaron is applying for jobs, going back to school and we are praying for the perfect Job for our family. God knows what it is. and HE will provide just what we need.  We also enjoyed a camping trip with family, got a new kitten and just enjoyed summer and sunny weather. Andrew’s birthday is coming up and he has asked to go camping again. My sister’s baby is also due the end of AUG and then in the middle of Sept the Feast starts! Things are going to be getting quite busy. I will post soon with your school year plans and of course new pictures 🙂




SO very very tired after a fun family reunion.



Pip the Squeek our new kitten.






Andrew was making faces in the car and said “These are my SPY eyes!”


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