Life With A Boy


“This is how Brave Big Boys sit”


Watching the Doctor sew him up.


4 stitches at the end of 4 years old.

I knew the day was coming, when my son…a totally boy, who is always tripping over his feet, or getting a bruise from this or a scrape from that, would need more medical attention then we could give him at home. Tuesday was HOT here, and the kids were running through the sprinkler as it watered what bit of a garden I have this year. Andrew came in to get something, what I can not remember, then ran out again.  His big feet got in the way yet again, and he shut the door on his foot. Our front door is metal, and, it sliced the back of his foot right open. At first he just fussed a bit, came to me for hugs and a few kisses then was done. I didn’t even really look, since this is the boy who will pass out with large amounts of pain. He was sitting on the couch, looking at his wound and I hear him gasp and say ” I can see inside my body!” At this, I went to look (because seeing inside ones body is cause for alarm you know). Sure enough, a pretty good size, deep gash was bleeding quite a bit. I send one of the girls out for Daddy (at time time Andrew was pretty upset) and he came in, took on look and grabbed the phone to make sure the medical clinic 6 miles away could do stitches. In we headed. The girls were very sweet and Andrew was totally brave, and didn’t cry too much at all (except with the numbing shots, those stunk!) He watched the whole thing, asked me to take pictures, and all in all was a total super hero!  The biggest downer for Sir Boy, is no swimming. I am sure this is not the last time…but I have told him He can NOT get 5 stitches when he is 5, 6 at age 6 etc……