Week In Pictures: Summer Trip to Nana’s

Saturday we arrived home at 11:40 pm from a week long visit (kids and I, Aaron came on Wednesday) to Nana’s! We had a load of fun playing, swimming at Aunties lake, trying to beat Nana at UNO and taking a trip out to San Jaun Island with the hopes of seeing some Orcas. Here are some of the pictures!

Clara playing UNO with her stuffed Animals! A.DOR.ABLE.

Clara playing UNO with her stuffed Animals! A.DOR.ABLE.

It Was WINDY on our ride out to San Jaun Island

It Was WINDY on our ride out to San Jaun Island

Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor


After getting off the ferry, we stopped to see where the whales had been spotted most, grabbed a cup of coffee and then headed to the weat side of the island. We saw this little pull off, that actually had a trail and stopped for a few to see what we could see. No Whales, but this Eagle sure was pretty!

Look Out Point

It was so lovely out there! We are already planning when we can go back!


My sweeties! 🙂

Orca Statue

After the look out we headed to Lime Kiln State Park to have lunch and explore and see if we could see those whales!


Sir Andrew in the look out tree.


Clara exploring down on the rocks by the water with Daddy.


Flora in the look out tree! All the kids took turns with Nana’s binoculars and this seemed to be the popular tree to be in!



Sea Spray

More pretty

tide pool 1

tide pool finds…

tide pools 2

more finds


Sea Gull

Light House

The light house at the point.


more tide pool finds.

Family Light house

Our Family! 🙂

goose 2

more finds.

deer 1

After we stayed for a while we decided to explore a bit more. As we drove we saw this buck….

deer 2

….and this doe on the side of the road.

geese 1

We checked out a prospective place to camp and saw this mama and her babies, as well as some shells and a jelly fish!




Some ducks.

flying 2

Gulls were going crazy for something just under the water.


After we drove north, we headed back to Friday Harbor for a coffee refill and then headed south on the West side of the island. Poor Nana was feeling awful with a nasty cold.

South Beach 1

South Beach was WINDY!

south beach 2

I LOVE the ocean and waves.

waves 2

More waves. We didnt stay at South Beach very long because it was SO wet and cold. We went down to the tip of the island to explore a bit more.


By South Beach


While we were at the south end of the island we saw this guy!

seal 2

We drove back up to Lime Kiln park for one last watch. We were all getting rather wet and cold, but had fun exploring, and we saw another seal.


And a harbor porpoises just as we were leaving.

Whale Mes

Aaron dropped us off at the whale mesume and then parked the car in the ferry line. The kids got to learn some more, spend their allowance and warm up a bit! It was a wonderful trip despite colds, rain and wind.


On the ferry back one of the Fire fighters on board let Andrew and Flora try on his hat. It made Andrews day!


Driving home Saturday we saw this lovely sunset.

moom 1

And a stunning moon.

moon two



Kids snoozed.


and the drive was lovely….but we miss Nana and can’t wait to see her again.



One thought on “Week In Pictures: Summer Trip to Nana’s

  1. Amber, I love the pics so much! I’m glad you guys had such a wonderful trip. Sorry your mom was sick, I know how much she had looked forward to being with you. Wow, the shots you took are so beautiful! I almost felt like I was there. love to all. sheri

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