Our Week In Photos May 26-June 1


Monday we moved the girls cute new dresser into their room. Fake Flora and Fake Winter have a new home! 🙂


Monday night is date night at our house. We played part of a game. Aaron spent most of his time in jail. In the hour and 1/2 we played, he was in the joint 6 times. 😛


Wednesday is our in town day. We usually stop at the library. This is Andrew’s favorite librarian. He has her wrapped around his fingers. It’s TOTALLY cute!


We stopped at Cabelas to kill some time and saw a hurt your eyes hot pink kayak. Totally Flora!


Thursday was rainy and we were inside, but Friday it was decent weather and we got the chicken yard done as well as some garden work. This is Flora’s Fancy Feet.


The Hounds watching the chicks in their new digs.


My Clara helping me weed. 🙂 Notice the watch? She is learning to tell time. The deal is, you get beyond just the hour and 1/2 hour and you get a watch!


AAARRRG! Andrew and his chick Fin.


Rought and tough country kids and their chickens 🙂


New shin digs!


Saturday night closed out of weekw ith an Andrew throwing up. Since no one else has been sick, we are totally possitive it was the oranges he ate at potluck. He has been off citrus for almost 6 months and he ate some and his little body didnt like it. 😦 poor boy wanted his mama and the quilt grandma made him out of grandpa’s old jeans. His favorite things to cuddle with.


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