2 Weeks of Pictures….


Flora found a little friend. I went to get my camera.


This is pretty usually morning hair for Miss F. Isnt she cute?


flowers in my beds


more flowers


again with my flowers


On Wednesday the 15th, while Aaron was being trained to do our churchers dvd/cd duplicating and mailing the kids and I went with Mrs. Shelley and enjoyed 3 hours of swimming! 🙂


Amie thinks what’s in the bag is something for her!


Right after swimming lessons on Friday the 17th we left for my mom’s house. My sister and I had planned a surprise visit for her up coming birthday. 🙂 We got her roses. Raul grilled steaks and we had a very nice visit 🙂 Although it was much to short!


some of mom’s flowers


Honey bee on the blueberry bushes! 🙂


I forgot to get a group picture 😦 but got a cute one of Aunty and Miss Clara! 🙂


View off Aunty’s deck.


Ella figured out she can climb INTO the tree house….it’s 5 feet up 😛 a treed treeing hound.


Clara is plugging away at her weekly reading goal. 5 NEW books a week and she earns a dollar.


Clara also finished her First math book and is working hard on book 2!


On Tuesday Millie got into the middle of a scuffle with Ella and Lyla and got this nasty cut. We took her into the vet and she got staples and meds. She is settling into the ultra spoiled life quite well.


See, totally spoiled! Sleeping on our bed!


Flora doing her math on our bed by Millie. This girl cracks me up!


and last by not least….the pretty sky on our drive home this last Sabbath.

IMG_3293 IMG_3295 IMG_3299 IMG_3306


2 thoughts on “2 Weeks of Pictures….

  1. Thanks honey for all the pics. I love seeing the kids & keeping up on what they are doing. Is millie a basett hound? I talked to your Mom & she told me about your visit. What a wonderful surprise! She told me about Mandi’s house, but I didn’t know it was right on the lake. Wow that is great. What a nice view off the deck, I’m jealous. Give my love to all of you. sheri

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