Our Week In Pictures


Wednesday was warm and after swimming lessons (where we met grandma) we headed up to town and spent some at at the beach. The water is still quite cold, but the kids (big and little) had fun for a couple of hours. 🙂


More fun! The yellow stuff in the water is pollin.




On Friday we met Grandma in town for the kids yearly pictures, then they went with her while Aaron and I went on an over night date. We started with grabing lunch, then went up to Arbor crest for a wine tasting.


I got a groupon for wine tasting for two and two bottles of wine. It was fun, and informative.


The view was lovely.


As were the grounds.




After the wine tasting we went to the mall and watched Iron Man 3 and window shopped. 🙂 Then we checked into our hotel and had dinner and stopped at this coffee shop for dessert.


The two story indoor courtyard looking out from our room. While the hotel was lovely and had a neat history, the staff made mistake after mistake. All in all… We had a nice time, it was good to just be us.


Thursday we made new copy work books and Flora was SO happy she got to make one as well. Here is her first page of writing a verse. She was in tears (happy ones) when she was done! 🙂




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