2 Weeks of Pictures….


Flora found a little friend. I went to get my camera.


This is pretty usually morning hair for Miss F. Isnt she cute?


flowers in my beds


more flowers


again with my flowers


On Wednesday the 15th, while Aaron was being trained to do our churchers dvd/cd duplicating and mailing the kids and I went with Mrs. Shelley and enjoyed 3 hours of swimming! 🙂


Amie thinks what’s in the bag is something for her!


Right after swimming lessons on Friday the 17th we left for my mom’s house. My sister and I had planned a surprise visit for her up coming birthday. 🙂 We got her roses. Raul grilled steaks and we had a very nice visit 🙂 Although it was much to short!


some of mom’s flowers


Honey bee on the blueberry bushes! 🙂


I forgot to get a group picture 😦 but got a cute one of Aunty and Miss Clara! 🙂


View off Aunty’s deck.


Ella figured out she can climb INTO the tree house….it’s 5 feet up 😛 a treed treeing hound.


Clara is plugging away at her weekly reading goal. 5 NEW books a week and she earns a dollar.


Clara also finished her First math book and is working hard on book 2!


On Tuesday Millie got into the middle of a scuffle with Ella and Lyla and got this nasty cut. We took her into the vet and she got staples and meds. She is settling into the ultra spoiled life quite well.


See, totally spoiled! Sleeping on our bed!


Flora doing her math on our bed by Millie. This girl cracks me up!


and last by not least….the pretty sky on our drive home this last Sabbath.

IMG_3293 IMG_3295 IMG_3299 IMG_3306


Critter Cutness


Ella watching Flora practice her violin. 🙂


Copy Cat loves to sleep up on Aaron work bench. So Aaron threw a old receiving blanket up there. Aaron was sitting working on the grinder thingy and Copy was just as happy as a clam!


“Please just let me sleep!”

We are just about ready for VERY busy week….Aaron is being trained to burn and mail our churches CD’s DVD’s etc. He also has a board-meeting, is still on call his regular times and we have swimming lessons as well as school for the kids (who have colds). Then this Sunday is Pentecost! So, have a good week…and I’ll see you on the other side for a weekly picture post!

My Mother’s Day

The day is wrapping up, the kids are in bed and I have a few little things to finish before cuddling up with my man in bed and watching our new favorite show Numb3er. My day was amazing. I am so very blessed to have a man like my husband and such sweet kidos in my life. I am also so very blessed to have my mom as such a wonderful example and friend. I am also very blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-love. Boy have I got it good! 🙂 I hope and pray all you mama’s out there ,and all those praying to be a mama some day had a wonderful day!

Here are some pics from today.



These sweet things woke me up with flowers and pictures and hugs and kisses! 🙂


Flowers! Arnt they lovely! 🙂


breakfast in bed made by Clara and Aaron. Crapes with kale, feta and tomatoes! Yummy!


Aaron had two called (so far) today and after his first he came home, kissed me, and I was asking him about his call when I noticed Andrew sniffing Daddy’s rear end area….turns out kids can small chocolate far far away! 😛 I got a good chuckle out of it!





Our Week In Pictures


Wednesday was warm and after swimming lessons (where we met grandma) we headed up to town and spent some at at the beach. The water is still quite cold, but the kids (big and little) had fun for a couple of hours. 🙂


More fun! The yellow stuff in the water is pollin.




On Friday we met Grandma in town for the kids yearly pictures, then they went with her while Aaron and I went on an over night date. We started with grabing lunch, then went up to Arbor crest for a wine tasting.


I got a groupon for wine tasting for two and two bottles of wine. It was fun, and informative.


The view was lovely.


As were the grounds.




After the wine tasting we went to the mall and watched Iron Man 3 and window shopped. 🙂 Then we checked into our hotel and had dinner and stopped at this coffee shop for dessert.


The two story indoor courtyard looking out from our room. While the hotel was lovely and had a neat history, the staff made mistake after mistake. All in all… We had a nice time, it was good to just be us.


Thursday we made new copy work books and Flora was SO happy she got to make one as well. Here is her first page of writing a verse. She was in tears (happy ones) when she was done! 🙂



Our Week In Pictures


Delightful WARM weather makes wearning my fav kind of shoes LEGAL! 🙂


Lunch out on my new outside table!


School on the table as well. Made from pallet wood and totally free!


Amie was on mowing duty Yesterday and though she would like to join us for lunch.


Clara’s tennis shoes fell apart (as in bottom of shoe came off the upper body) and so the hunt began for black and white TIEING shoes! We found what she wanted at the first store.


Our biggest excitement was SWIMMING LESSONS! The kids had a ball, and are already in the car ready for today….so with that…I will leave you with these pics and be off!

IMG_3240 IMG_3242 IMG_3245 IMG_3248 IMG_3249 IMG_3250 IMG_3252