Our Week In Pictures

Earlier this week Clara asked if I would take pictures of our week and share them on here….so “Nana can see, and feeling like she was right here!”


Flora during her reading lesson practicing her spelling!


The school table! πŸ™‚


Flora doing a happy dance when she gets a math problem right!


I caught up on my Bible study while the girls were working on their own.


Brown Eyed Boy in the car at violin lessons yesterday πŸ™‚




Progress is being made on my chicken coop that looks like an outhouse! πŸ˜› It’s 100% recycled and mostly made of pallets. I will have a run on either side for the chickens so we can switch side and I can sprout grains for them πŸ™‚


New summer haircut! Clara came up to me and asked me to cut her hair, as it was getting to hard to brush. Since she has such think hair, I gave in. She has done an excelent job keeping it nice. Flora got the same cut…just like sister.


Clara reading a library book.


I redid the living room! πŸ™‚ I love it this way!


Practicing away. I no longer have to crab at her to practice or set a timer. πŸ™‚




Ella looking at what all the hudoo is about!


Clara and her chick ” Black Beauty”


Waiting his turn to go in.


I couldnt get a non blurry picture of Flora, but this is her chick “Fancy Feet”


Andrew and his chick “Fin”

A note from Clara to Nana: i hope you live at are home. do you like our pictures? i love you and i mis you nana i almost sweat out side.


2 thoughts on “Our Week In Pictures

  1. Clara,
    Thank you for such a sweet note. I wished I lived right by your house, too. I love all the pictures. I would have enjoyed doing these things with you. I think baby chicks are so scientific and your chicks are so charming. You have all named them nice names. Are they all hens? Will you get some eggs from them when they grow up? I forgot to hear you play your violin when I was there last, I am so glad your play and practice so much.

    Thank you for your good idea of putting pictures of your week. I did feel almost like I was there. I love you so very much.

    God’s Blessings,

  2. Baby chickens! Whoohoo! They’re going to love their new home.

    We’re glad to see you working so hard at school and violin lessons. It’s worth all the effort.

    It’s been warm today. The highest temperature here was 73 degrees. We went on a drive into the mountains, on HWY 20. It was beautiful, and thankfully not too busy with cars.

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