Garden 2013: April Part 1

I thought I would use this blog as a journal for our garden this year.

Today I started 136 pots of seeds. All things that need to be started inside. Here is a not very detailed list:

54 pots of a a few different kinds of tomatoes. This is way over kill (I am praying I get 20 good plants, if I end up with more I might gift them, or stick them in the ground and we will eat a ton of tomato products if the Lord wills!)

9 pots of celery

10 pots onions

5 pots leeks

5 pots watermelon

9 pots melons (all early 3 different kinds)

22 pots of different squashs, 3 summer and two winter kinds.

5 pots ground cherries

4 pots cuccumbers

4 pots cabbage


The kids are each planting a raised bed and started their seeds today as well.

Clara chose:

celery, 3 kinds on tomatoes, ground cherries, 2 melons and an onion. One pot of each.

Flora chose:

Cabbage, squash, watermelon, tomato, cuccs. two melons and an onion. One pot of each.

Andrew chose to plant 8 pots of watermelon! 🙂

The kids will be keeping a close look at their plants, and documenting how they grow etc as part of their science.

Depending on the weather, I will plant greens, beets and peas outside the beginning of May (and then again in the end of summer for a fall crop). Green beans, potatoes and all these goodies will be in their permanent homes the end of May. We are planning a rather large garden this year, and trying a few new things. Quinoa and parsnips are going in this week. IMG_3207 IMG_3208 IMG_3209



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