Wool Dryer Balls

I HATE static from the dryer. I only use the dryer (for the most part, if I am not way behind on laundry) once every 3 loads, two are hung, the third is in the dryer. We also like to do things as naturally as possible. I buy natural laundry soap (LOVE Mrs. Myers), we don’t use dryer sheets, because they are loaded with nasty fake stuff, and cause Miss F to get rashes. While on Pinetrest one day I ran across a how to for making wool dryer balls. I did a google and found a bunch of info on making them or buying them and the benefits of using them. They keep your clothing static free, you can add some essential oils (or stench oils in our house!)Ā  to get a light sent and they are *cheap* and easy to make.Ā  You can buy them on Amazon for $20 for a set of there, or buy a small ball of wool yarn for $6 and make your own!Ā  It’s really simple. Here is a link with photo’s!

http://goodmama.typepad.com/goodmama/2008/05/make-your-own-wool-dryer-balls.html (I don’t know this person, done read the blog, just found it for picture references!)

Here are a couple of mine, using the first yarn I spun! šŸ™‚


I like to add a couple drops of lavender to mine every couple loads šŸ™‚



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