Our Week In Pictures

Earlier this week Clara asked if I would take pictures of our week and share them on here….so “Nana can see, and feeling like she was right here!”


Flora during her reading lesson practicing her spelling!


The school table! 🙂


Flora doing a happy dance when she gets a math problem right!


I caught up on my Bible study while the girls were working on their own.


Brown Eyed Boy in the car at violin lessons yesterday 🙂




Progress is being made on my chicken coop that looks like an outhouse! 😛 It’s 100% recycled and mostly made of pallets. I will have a run on either side for the chickens so we can switch side and I can sprout grains for them 🙂


New summer haircut! Clara came up to me and asked me to cut her hair, as it was getting to hard to brush. Since she has such think hair, I gave in. She has done an excelent job keeping it nice. Flora got the same cut…just like sister.


Clara reading a library book.


I redid the living room! 🙂 I love it this way!


Practicing away. I no longer have to crab at her to practice or set a timer. 🙂




Ella looking at what all the hudoo is about!


Clara and her chick ” Black Beauty”


Waiting his turn to go in.


I couldnt get a non blurry picture of Flora, but this is her chick “Fancy Feet”


Andrew and his chick “Fin”

A note from Clara to Nana: i hope you live at are home. do you like our pictures? i love you and i mis you nana i almost sweat out side.


Story Of The World

We are using Story of the World Vol. 1 for our history. We do it twice a week, one chapter a week and all the hands on activities. The kids are LOVING it. Today we talked about the nomads, and the nomads becoming farmers. We did a map sheet, a color page and BUILT MUD HUTS! 🙂 The kids were so excited. We have MUD…..INSIDE! 🙂 IMG_3221 IMG_3222 IMG_3223 IMG_3224 IMG_3227


This morning with my cup of coffee by my side, I finished the small shawl I was making for Miss. F. She posed for pictures just a few mins ago, and at the same time, Sir 100% DIRTY Boy showed me his worm. I got yet another chuckle out of how different boy and girls are!

IMG_3210 IMG_3213 IMG_3215

Garden 2013: April Part 1

I thought I would use this blog as a journal for our garden this year.

Today I started 136 pots of seeds. All things that need to be started inside. Here is a not very detailed list:

54 pots of a a few different kinds of tomatoes. This is way over kill (I am praying I get 20 good plants, if I end up with more I might gift them, or stick them in the ground and we will eat a ton of tomato products if the Lord wills!)

9 pots of celery

10 pots onions

5 pots leeks

5 pots watermelon

9 pots melons (all early 3 different kinds)

22 pots of different squashs, 3 summer and two winter kinds.

5 pots ground cherries

4 pots cuccumbers

4 pots cabbage


The kids are each planting a raised bed and started their seeds today as well.

Clara chose:

celery, 3 kinds on tomatoes, ground cherries, 2 melons and an onion. One pot of each.

Flora chose:

Cabbage, squash, watermelon, tomato, cuccs. two melons and an onion. One pot of each.

Andrew chose to plant 8 pots of watermelon! 🙂

The kids will be keeping a close look at their plants, and documenting how they grow etc as part of their science.

Depending on the weather, I will plant greens, beets and peas outside the beginning of May (and then again in the end of summer for a fall crop). Green beans, potatoes and all these goodies will be in their permanent homes the end of May. We are planning a rather large garden this year, and trying a few new things. Quinoa and parsnips are going in this week. IMG_3207 IMG_3208 IMG_3209


Wool Dryer Balls

I HATE static from the dryer. I only use the dryer (for the most part, if I am not way behind on laundry) once every 3 loads, two are hung, the third is in the dryer. We also like to do things as naturally as possible. I buy natural laundry soap (LOVE Mrs. Myers), we don’t use dryer sheets, because they are loaded with nasty fake stuff, and cause Miss F to get rashes. While on Pinetrest one day I ran across a how to for making wool dryer balls. I did a google and found a bunch of info on making them or buying them and the benefits of using them. They keep your clothing static free, you can add some essential oils (or stench oils in our house!)  to get a light sent and they are *cheap* and easy to make.  You can buy them on Amazon for $20 for a set of there, or buy a small ball of wool yarn for $6 and make your own!  It’s really simple. Here is a link with photo’s!

http://goodmama.typepad.com/goodmama/2008/05/make-your-own-wool-dryer-balls.html (I don’t know this person, done read the blog, just found it for picture references!)

Here are a couple of mine, using the first yarn I spun! 🙂


I like to add a couple drops of lavender to mine every couple loads 🙂


A Couple Happy Guys


Aaron’s gift from my mom all bolted down on his work table area. 🙂 AS you can see, he has already been tinkering with it! It came Friday before we left for the day. He was so funny checking his e-mail waiting for the shipping updates (which never came) and then we almost missed the FedEx Guy! 🙂 It’s a drillpress, for those who dont know! 🙂


Andrew is his new vest. :() after having to take out Aaron’s sweater 5 times fro silly things and it being to small…..I took his advice and set it aside, this was so quick to work up! 🙂


Such a sweet sister…and a goof ball of a boy! 🙂 His vest is 100% wool, and the total cost in yarn was less then $7. Andrew LOVES handmade things.