I have some friends, who, as they are cleaning and preparing their homes and hearts for the upcoming Passover and Day’s of Unleavened Bread have been sharing lessons God has been teaching them during this time. I have been inspired, and it’s make me think more on the lessons I need to realize right now. As I have been attacking each area of our home, I have been praying for God to make those lessons VERY clear to me.  This year has been the most refreshing year I can remember. Not only is my house getting deep cleaned but also my heart.IMG_0640

Today my lesson had to do with my sweet kiddos. They have had an AWFUL day when it comes to listening, working cheerfully and just being pleasant. Now, they are not fighting colds, got a great nights sleep last night, and played outside a good chunk of this morning, in other works, it’s a heart issue they are having. I started my day being very crabby at them, and about the time I had to crab at the girls for trashing their clean clothing (after lots of hard work in there room yesterday) I realized this is my lesson today.

We are ALL sinners, even my usually very good little people. I pray they come to understand the awesome gift that was given to us, all of us, Our sins forgiven by the blood of Christ. Not only did HE die for ME, he also died for my children. I am adding a request to my prayers…. that I can show them that gift through my actions (ouch!) and God’s word, so when they are old enough to understand, they will want it, need it, and desire it., that most wonderful gift ever given!


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