Ice Skating with Grandma

A little over a week ago, we met up with Grandma is town and the kids, Grandma and Aaron had fun ice skating. This was the first time for the kids, and they did pretty well. Clara got to the point where she could get going..slowly…with out holding onto the wall, Flora was Miss Rubber Knees and was rather funny to watch (although bound and determined to skate as good as the other girls there…with out practicing!) and Mr. Andrew was some where in the middle.  They had a blast, and want to go again next winter!

IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3054 IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3062 IMG_3064 387495_4424561409102_764987863_n 554993_4424560129070_1364749216_n

Thank you Grandma for such a fun time!


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