Today is just lovely, it’s warm, bright and sunny. So, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures around our yard. Signs of spring! ๐Ÿ™‚


rhubarb ๐Ÿ™‚




my climatis is budding! ๐Ÿ™‚


Sweet Amie is SHEDDING!


ABOVE 60! ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_3174 IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3181


A Little Fun

I finally did it, I died my hair. I have talked about it on and off each winter/early spring. About that time, very little sunshine and day light always seems to get me rather off feeling. So this year, I decided to become a redhead ๐Ÿ™‚ I am loving it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a better picture mom!


Wool Tree/ Yarn Holder


I got a notification form one of my favorite yarn stores saying they were now carrying yarn trees. Curious, I look them up. With a few mins to kill in town yesterday before music lessons, we stopped in to look at them in person. They were lovely, but also $45! Aaron made me one, for about $10! The idea of the yarn tree is that the yarn is stuck, there for not running all over the floor picking up unwanted tidbit of fluff etc.


The idea is, the top smaller square spins, the bottom one stays put. Your yarn easily comes off, and no yarn rolling!


Aaron’s sweater in the making.


Not only is it functional, but lovely as well! I am so blessed to be married to such a handy man! ๐Ÿ˜€



I have some friends, who, as they are cleaning and preparing their homes and hearts for the upcoming Passover and Day’s of Unleavened Bread have been sharing lessons God has been teaching them during this time. I have been inspired, and it’s make me think more on the lessons I need to realize right now. As I have been attacking each area of our home, I have been praying for God to make those lessons VERY clear to me.ย  This year has been the most refreshing year I can remember. Not only is my house getting deep cleaned but also my heart.IMG_0640

Today my lesson had to do with my sweet kiddos. They have had an AWFUL day when it comes to listening, working cheerfully and just being pleasant. Now, they are not fighting colds, got a great nights sleep last night, and played outside a good chunk of this morning, in other works, it’s a heart issue they are having. I started my day being very crabby at them, and about the time I had to crab at the girls for trashing their clean clothing (after lots of hard work in there room yesterday) I realized this is my lesson today.

We are ALL sinners, even my usually very good little people. I pray they come to understand the awesome gift that was given to us, all of us, Our sins forgiven by the blood of Christ. Not only did HE die for ME, he also died for my children. I am adding a request to my prayers…. that I can show them that gift through my actions (ouch!) and God’s word, so when they are old enough to understand, they will want it, need it, and desire it., that most wonderful gift ever given!

Spiffed Up


my camera decided this needed a blue tint to it. Close up of the fabric. There is no blue, orange, pink, yellow, tan, white yes, but no blue.


Some pretty big girl decorations.


Fake Flora’s and Fake Winter’s Bunkbeds Daddy made!


a note from Daddy!

This morning we put the finishing touches on the girls room. ๐Ÿ™‚ I found the fabric on a great sale and though it would make cute curtains for their room. I will had a light weight insulation, when it goes on sale or I have a coupon, for now, it’s temp up and they love it. IMG_3132

What I Needed.

Yesterday I started to feelย  like I was catching a cold. So today, Aaron encouraged me to stay home and rest. I helped get the kids ready for church and as I was doing so, Clara asked if she could stay home with me. I said yes, and after the others left, we cuddled back into bed and snoozed a while. After that we ate breakfast and settle in with some tea, handwork and some sermons. Today has been so relaxing, quite and just what I needed!


Our new pup Ella


Her own design! She worked hard and did so very well!


my knitting…a cables pattern that is making it’s way into a sleeve for the kindle.


hard at work with a sleeping pup in her lap.



Signs of Spring

Spring seems to be just around the corner..


The earliest of flowers in bloom


Dirty children after totally enjoying being outside!


school left for another day, outside is calling!


shawlett i finish binding off today. Still needs ends woven in and blocked.

I threw open windows and doors this afternoon and was busy deleavening for the very quickly upcoming Spring Holy Days. It was a very productive day. We should all sleep good with all the fresh air!

8 Blissful Years!

Today my man and I have been married for 8 years. Years filled with the births of our sweet blessings, years of joys and times of worry. Years of loving (and if honest arguing a few times as well). I am so very blessed by this godly man I have been blessed with. I know no matter what comes, he will be by my side, cheering me on and making me laugh along the way. I love you Aaron, here is to 70 more (at least) years to come!


Ice Skating with Grandma

A little over a week ago, we met up with Grandma is town and the kids, Grandma and Aaron had fun ice skating. This was the first time for the kids, and they did pretty well. Clara got to the point where she could get going..slowly…with out holding onto the wall, Flora was Miss Rubber Knees and was rather funny to watch (although bound and determined to skate as good as the other girls there…with out practicing!) and Mr. Andrew was some where in the middle.ย  They had a blast, and want to go again next winter!

IMG_3049 IMG_3051 IMG_3054 IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3062 IMG_3064 387495_4424561409102_764987863_n 554993_4424560129070_1364749216_n

Thank you Grandma for such a fun time!

Happy Birthday (to me, and a bit early)

On Friday we picked up my birthday present from the kids and Aaron. A Spinning wheel! I have been spinning for the last hour and my head hurts, but I think I am figuring things out….it’s been too long since I last did it! Here are some pictures:

IMG_3076 IMG_3077 IMG_3079 IMG_3082 IMG_3083 IMG_3089 IMG_3091

Now my first attemp is some over spun, some underspun, but I am getting into a grove and figuring it all out! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so excited to have my own wheel ! I am rather spoiled!