A Girl(s) and Her Doll9S)

Clara and Winter

Clara and Winter


The girls spend they birthday money from Aunt Karen on  18 inch dolls. They love their dolls and we have had fun sewing clothing, daddy built a bunk bed and taking the dolls with us to visit new places….like Costco. Winter LOVES Costco. Fake Flora enjoys going to the fabric store the best. Flora named her doll Flora, because it looks like her, and then out of the blue started calling it Fake  Flora….just so we wouldn’t be confused. You never know what that girl is going to say! After I get Flora’s socks knit, I will be knitting a sweater so the girls match their dolls 🙂 So Aunt Karen, the girls say a big huge thank you and love you!


2 thoughts on “A Girl(s) and Her Doll9S)

  1. I saw the picture first and I did think the doll looked like Flora! How droll! The girls are so pretty and so are there dolls. How nice to have parents that help you make beds and clothes! They are learning so much from you and Aaron. Hugs to all!

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