Sewing Sunday: A sewing area Redo :)

Our house is small. We are 5 people in 1200 sq feet and three bedroom (1 bath) The girls share a room and Andrew is on his own. When we moved him into his big boy room I took over his closet for my sewing supplies. I loved it, but it was never very organized, as the shelves I had left a lot of dead space.  I also didn’t have a place to sew up my sewing machine except for the dinning room table. Meaning when I was working on a project I either had to pack it up for 3 meals a day, or we ate in the living room (something I dislike).

While drooling over ideas on Pinterest one day, I came across an idea of taking an old tv cupboard and turning into a sewing center. I liked this idea, but after a lot of time looking, I either found really ugly and cheap or really pricy! So I found a rustic/boy looking desk that would work on and showed it to Aaron. It works perfectly! Is STURDY! And fits the theme of his room. 🙂 Last night Aaron made the table/desk and this morning while he put the shelves in, I went through and organized all my stuff! Total cost for the desk, stain for the desk shelves and support wood and screws came to just over $45! Here are some pictures (sorry they are not the best quality….I just quickly snapped them with my phone)

Curtain closed

Curtain closed

Open and DONE! :)

Open and DONE! 🙂

gulp: Before I got started earlier today....what a mess!

gulp: Before I got started earlier today….what a mess!


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