Andrew is 4. His sisters are in K and 1st grade and he loves to do his school time. For preschool I keep is very simple. A preschool work book and Before 5 in a Row. The work book is $8 at Costco and I used it with Flora last year It’s a couple of pages a day and is very good for those with shorter attention spans.  Before 5 in a Row is a story a week with hands on learning. I have the girls sit in on it as well, we all love it. We read the weeks story daily (or almost daily) and then once a week do a Lap book to go with it. This weeks story was The Little Rabbit, and I took some pictures of Andrew working on his lap book as well as his school time today as I just picked up his work book yesterday! 🙂 He is rather excited.


IMG_2993 IMG_2999 IMG_3001 IMG_3000 IMG_2996 IMG_3003 IMG_3005

Work Book

Work Book


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