We Get Away aka Trashy Vacation Jan. 2-5

“We” meaning all of us, in one way or another. For some back history we go back almost a year, Aaron and I decided that we needed to get away for a while, just us. Since we either had babies, or fund were VERY tight, we had never spent our anniversary away. What better year to start then this one. 8 years is a big deal! 🙂

When we first sat down to decide where to go, we thought of Hawaii. We had gone for the Feast in 2005 (the Feast after our wedding) and I fell in love. I would move there is a heart beat, I love the ocean, the weather, the colors…..

We started looking at air line tickets, what island to go to, hotels vs vacation rentals and started to save. Someone stopped and asked if they could buy our RV we never used, and we said yes. Bit more for our trip. Aaron started recycling metals. A bit more into our fund. By and by, Hawaii was becoming to expensive for our small budget, and we started to talk about waiting a year, giving us more time to save, but some to the conclusion that we needed a trip this year.

After this was settled we started to see where we could fly/stay that fit our budget. I spent way too much time online looking at flights, rooms etc. it didn’t take us long to find that San Francisco was a deal for flights and a room combo. So we set our dates, booked out flights, and started to plan out trip.

We planned it so that we left on my mama’s (Nana to the kids) winter break, and flying out of the larger air port over by her. The kids and I went over on a Saturday and Aaron drove over on a Wednesday. We flew out Wed. night, arriving in San Fran at about 10 pm. Pictures from our Wed night and Thursday. We started with breakfast at the hotel and then heading to the Warf on the cable car where we had coffee, and then headed to the Maritime History Park.  IMG_2266 IMG_2269 IMG_2274 IMG_2277 IMG_2544 IMG_2279 IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2290 IMG_2299 IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2310 IMG_2312 IMG_2313 IMG_2323 IMG_2329 IMG_2333 IMG_2335 IMG_2338 IMG_2359 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2369 IMG_2370 IMG_2431 IMG_2503 IMG_2508 IMG_2516 IMG_2520 IMG_2521 IMG_2529 IMG_2530 IMG_2535 IMG_2537

After the park we ate lunch, took a cruse out under the Golden Gate bridge and then toured a WWII sub and liberty ship. Took the trolly back to our room, changed for dinner and took the bus out to the Cliff House for a nice dinner.


Friday saw a slower morning, a little shopping, a two house Victorian house walk and lunch in the Pacific Heights area. Then back to our room in time to get Thai take out for Sabbath dinner in. Pictures below:


IMG_2545 IMG_2546 IMG_2548 IMG_2579 IMG_2585 IMG_2614 IMG_2671 IMG_2675

Sabbath saw us heading back out to the Cliff House area to see it in the day light. Up until Saturday we had clear blue skies, no fog even. Saturday was over cast, and it started to rain as we headed to the air port, in the late afternoon. We drove home Sunday, and Monday I came down with the flu that has been going around. 2 weeks later, and it’s made it’s way through our family.

IMG_2679 IMG_2681 IMG_2692 IMG_2702 IMG_2707 IMG_2736 IMG_2741 IMG_2754 IMG_2755

It was a good trip, with the man I love. 🙂 Up next, a birthday post!


3 thoughts on “We Get Away aka Trashy Vacation Jan. 2-5

  1. So glad you’re blogging again, Amber. And LOTS of wonderful pictures; is it easy to upload them? I love the architecture in San Fran!
    Is that Tom Kha Ghai (chicken coconut milk soup) in your Thai take-away? I made it for the first time ever last week, and it was **AMAZING**!!! And VERY easy! I was thrilled when Denny said he didn’t want any. I happily ate it all myself.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely trip and memories with us! Happy (late) anniversary!
    love always,

    • Annie, Thanks for the welcome back! yes, the photos were easy to up load, and fairly quickly done at that! It was actually an early Anniversary (march 12th is the actual date) but we got away early go the kids would have some special Nana time. 🙂 The thai food was red and green curry (our favs) and pad thai 🙂 It was a wonderful trip! I am not sure what’s up with the time thingy…

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