Knitting Projects

I know I said a birthday post was next, but I am side tracking a  bit and posting some pictures of some knitting I have done this winter.

IMG_2841 IMG_2845 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2849 IMG_2259 IMG_2829 IMG_2831 IMG_1250

I started with year with winter with the orange, alpaca kids mittens, then did two pairs of 18 inch doll socks (only one pictured), Andrew asked me very sweetly, ” Mama, will you make me something?”  So, I got out some soft wool super wash I got clearance and knitted him some socks. He loves then, and doesn’t like to take them off. Next, Aaron asked me to knit him some mittens with fishermen wool (still has some of the natural oils found in the raw wool) and I got those done yesterday. I saw a lady with a scarf like the one Clara is modeling, and wanted one! I found the yarn, and it was so quick to whip up! About 2 hours tops, and the yard was $2.99 for the whole scarf (one ball)! I am loving making usable, beautiful things that will last my family ages (or until they grow out of them!)


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